Handmade Gifts, Decor Offered Year-Round


To find that special, handmade gift or home decor item visit Pick It Fence Handcrafted Gifts & Home Decor in Pine.

Linda Howard opened the business in July, featuring a wide selection of Americana items. Now the place at the corner of the Old County Road and Highway 87 in Pine is filling up with fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving items.


Linda Howard's Pick It Fence Handmade Gifts & Home Decor features the work of 10 different crafts people. The inventory includes many wood cut outs with seasonal themes, specialty pillows and blankets, dried florals and more.

Nearly 98 percent of the shop's inventory is handmade, Howard said.

"I told my husband, Frank, to get out the lattice, we're going to have to start displaying items from the ceiling," Howard said.

Howard makes many of the items herself, but also includes work from her daughter and daughter-in-law and several Pine area crafts people including Beverly Draper, Edie Miller and Louanne Brown.

She said there are 10 people contributing their work to the store's inventory.

Her family supplies the shop with handmade organic soap in five different scents derived straight from the plant instead of synthetic chemicals: lavender, mint, citrus, vanilla and cucumber. Their soap-making venture is called "The Water Lilly -- Pure Essentials for the Skin."

Most of the wood cut-outs are done by Howard's husband.

Howard said her daughter-in-law kept pushing her to open the shop and they were going to go 50-50, but after she put in her half, her daughter-in-law backed out. Her husband pushed her to do it anyway, she said.

She has a unique retail background --or about 30 years in California, she and her daughter did home boutiques. Twice a year, they would gather their craft projects and fill about half her daughter's home with them. They sent out invitations, encouraging their guests to tell friends and relatives and then sell the things they had made over a weekend. The events were so successful, they only needed to take place the two times a year, she said.

Howard said the one challenge is her location on the south side of Pine instead of in the center of the community.

"When people come up here to shop, they usually park and walk to all the shops, but they can't do that here," she said.

Still, she has been encouraged by customers who have told her something like her shop has been needed in the community.

She will be joining with the many specialty shops in Pine for the community's Christmas open house later this year and over the next few months, she's planning special drawings.

The Pick It Fence Handcrafted Gifts and Home Decor is open 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, and sometimes on Sundays.

For more information, call (928) 978-2704.

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