Local Liberal Says ‘Kerry For President'



In response to Mr. Castleman's comments directed at "local liberals," may I be the first to say I support Kerry for President.

I taught reading at the university level for many years and feel qualified to point out to Mr. Castleman the importance of relevant sources of information -- difficult as that may be today. Various Internet sources, which you failed to document, hardly qualify.

May I also remind him that current sources of documented information are more relevant. Has he read the 9/11 Commission Report? Has he been watching C-Span?

Our local library will provide excellent sources of information. We were not at war in 1988 and we didn't need large military appropriations. Remember the military waste we learned about? Also many Republican Congressmen voted along with Kerry on these issues.

If we aren't careful, this nation will go bankrupt. We have gone from a national surplus to a horrendous deficit in a very short time -- for a tragedy which should not have happened at all. Now with 7,000 of our men and women injured, I learned, watching C-Span hearings of the Veterans Administration, that we lack the funds to provide adequate training and personnel to care for them.

We all have a stake in government.

Carol J. Scholz, Payson

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