Look Beyond Petty Party Policies



The November elections are fast approaching and, to date, the media has focused our attention on some of the shallower issues of both campaigns, while ignoring the most important issue in our nation's history --hether to perpetuate the world's greatest democracy or to join the ranks of socialism. We must soon make a choice. Here are some things to consider as you ponder.

When our forefathers founded this nation, they chose democracy as a system of government rather than monarchy. As an economic system, they chose capitalism rather than socialism. To assure the preservation and perpetuation of democracy and capitalism most politicians of that era, and for many decades thereafter, followed policies which were, by today's standards, very conservative.

In recent decades, the Democrat Party has taken a sharp turn to the left with many acknowledged socialists and liberal extremists in their midst. Socialism is a political and economic theory advocating collective ownership of the means of production and control of distribution. It requires a redistribution of wealth amongst the population, or in blunt terms, the transfer of wealth from those who have earned it to those who have not.

In the USA this is accomplished by taxing affluent Democrats and Republicans to pay for programs for those who, for various reasons are not yet, or never will be, affluent. A common trait of socialism is stagnation and significant loss of personal freedoms.

For a prime example, one only needs to compare the vibrant democracy of West Germany to the dismal socialism of East Germany in the post WWII era.

There is another form of socialism called a Social Democracy. It accepts a compromise in the economic field between government and private enterprise and evolves through the normal workings of democracy until it eventually replaces capitalism. Sweden and France are current examples of Social Democracies.

Prevailing Democrat Party leaders are, in reality, Social Democrats and are attempting to lead the USA in that direction.

The choice in the November elections is clear --ote Republican for democracy or vote Democrat for socialism.

We should all look beyond the pettiness of party politics, the allegations and denials, the charges and countercharges, the Bushes and Kerrys and whomever pops up in 2008 and beyond. We must keep a keen eye on the big picture and the direction we want this country to take in the foreseeable future. We must think hard about this and vote our conscience and above all get out and vote.

Dave Ricker, Payson

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