We Can't Afford Four More Years With Bush



I have a real problem with the media, George W. Bush and all who do not understand that Kerry's vote "to authorize war" is not a "flip-flop" to Kerry opposing how Bush went to war.

Madeline Albright spoke plainly to Katie Couric and John Kerry has stated that the president should have had the authority to go to war (if war was necessary). At the time Bush declared war on Iraq, Kerry did not, and still does not, agree with the decisions made as to how, when and even if war was necessary.

Why are these two distinct facts so difficult to understand?

A month before the war, Bush said: "If we have to act, we will take every precaution that is possible. We will plan carefully." And that war was not "unavoidable.


1. He did not allow the UN inspectors to complete the search for weapons of mass destruction, which have never been found.

2. He turned a deaf ear to the experienced military leaders who warned of the horrors of "miscalculations." He listened to his political buddies and civilian cronies who advised him to "just do it." Thus far, American taxpayers are paying the cost of the war and American military are 90 percent of the soldiers' lives lost. After the supposed end of the war, there were insufficient troops to secure Iraq or to secure peace.

3. Today many Iraqi people do not have water, power or sewers. Bush refused help from the UN and prohibited nations not in the original coalition from participating in reconstruction. Bush gave a contract to Halliburton (without a bid), whereas many companies should have been brought in with a massive effort, capable of improving conditions quickly and involving jobs for Iraqi workers.

Do we need a president:

  • hose compassionate conservatism gives over 70 percent of tax cuts to the top 1 percent of the income bracket while creating huge deficits?
  • ho created service paying jobs to replace high tech/manufacturing jobs. These jobs fail to feed families, adding 3,000,000 families to poverty level; 1.3 million are children.
  • ho says he made "miscalculations" about the war in Iraq, but would do it the same way again, even though there were no weapons of mass destruction, or an Al-Qaida connection.

Terrorists have become more determined because of the war in Iraq.

Can we afford four more years of George W. Bush?

I think no way!

Caroline R. Johnson, Payson

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