America Can Do Better



Don Castleman, in his recent letter to the editor, said he wanted the John Kerry supporters to identify themselves so people would know who they are.

Don, you can count me in that growing group, because I believe that America can do better.

Here's why:

The threat of terrorism is real. And it's expanding, whether Mr. Bush admits it or not. What this administration is doing isn't working. The scary part is that it appears that Bush isn't being insincere, but actually believes his own spin doctors. There is a difference between resolve and stubbornness. Without a doubt, America can do better in ridding the world of terrorism.

We were united and humbled on Sept. 12, 2001. We are divided and humiliated now, telling lies about each other. With a genuine uniter, America can do better.

More than 43 million Americans are without health insurance today. Healthcare and drug costs are soaring. Yet pharmaceutical companies are making untold billions in profit. America can do better.

Bush is leaving no child or grandchild without debt. He's taken the government from surplus into deficit to fight an unnecessary war, and making the rich even richer. For the sake of our posterity, America must do better.

Scientific progress, the great engine of the 20th century is diminished. Only the ignorant can believe that the proper role of government is to hinder medical research and environmental study in the name of God. God help us, America must do better.

How about the individual freedoms our nation was founded on? Drip by drop, our freedoms are being taken away from us. The law now allows secret wiretaps, secret searches of your home, detention without charge and more under the guise of Homeland Security. We can protect our nation without destroying our freedoms. America can do better.

There's a whole litany of additional areas where America can do better. The two primary questions to ask are, "Is America safer in the world today?" and "Is the average American better off?"

Don, I'm voting for John Kerry because I believe America can do better than being led by a man who is stubborn and untruthful, insensitive and imprudent, divisive and arrogant, who cares more for the rich and powerful than for the average American.

And Don, don't be surprised when, come election day, most Americans will have come to the same conclusion.

Larry Brophy, Payson

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