Local Doctor Sentenced For Illegal Prescribing


Payson physician Mark Mouritsen was sentenced Monday to six years probation and 720 hours of community service for illegally obtaining narcotic pain killers. The sentence is what County Attorney Daisy Flores recommended in a plea agreement with Mouritsen.

Mouritsen was arrested in January following a three-month investigation by Payson police narcotics detectives who found that he and his wife, Carolyn, were illegally obtaining prescription narcotics.

Payson Police Chief Gordon Gartner said the Mouritsens were writing prescriptions for other people in return for a portion of the medication.

Mouritsen and his wife were indicted by a grand jury on Jan. 28. Mouritsen was indicted on 18 counts of obtaining Vicodin and OxyContin by fraud and one count of conspiracy to obtain narcotics by fraud.

Mrs. Mouritsen was indicted on 28 counts of obtaining narcotics by fraud, 11 counts of forging prescriptions, one count of attempting to obtain narcotics by fraud and one count of conspiracy to obtain narcotic drugs by fraud. Flores said Mrs. Mouritsen's case is still ongoing.

On May 12, the Arizona Medical Board reinstated Mouritsen's right to practice medicine with restrictions.

The interim order states that he cannot prescribe schedule II controlled substances, he must practice in a group setting, participate in a substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program and submit quarterly reports on compliance.

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