Payson's Lost Cause?



Each day we worry about fires and low water. Now once again Payson is selling us out for more tax money. A gas station, market and car wash are to be built on Forest Drive and north Beeline Highway.

How many gas stations do we need so close together on Beeline? What if a fire gets close to town? Have you ever seen a gas station blow up?

I was told by a man moving from here that Payson is going to be a fire ball. When a fire at a gas station starts, you better just get away. How much more traffic do we need at the stop light? Who gave the OK for this? I sure won't vote for these people next time around.

If a pass is built around Payson, you will see a closed station. Oh, how beautiful that will look. Go see Winslow after they built the freeway outside of that town.

We have a good town, good people. Don't let this town turn into a lost cause with a business we don't need.

Louis Hall, Payson

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