Who Benefits From Manufactured War?



Who are the true liberals and reckless spenders in our U.S. government?

In the past four years, we have gone from a federal budget surplus to monumental yearly deficits with a Republican controlled Congress and a Republican executive. We have spent billions on a "manufactured" war with Iraq and have expended vast human and material resources on a war that is most likely doomed to fail in our interests. We have spread our military resources around the world and have placed them in harm's way for very questionable reasons.

Who are the prime benefactors of a protracted, manufactured war? It should be obvious to those with their heads out of the sand that large U.S. corporations such as military hardware manufacturers, oil companies and others associated with military supplies reap great financial benefits from such a military conflict. Stop naming Democrats as liberals or leftists when the facts do not support such labeling.

Paul R. Gonnerman, Payson

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