Americans Stand On The Abyss



On Friday, Sept. 24, the Roundup printed a letter from Dave Ricker of Payson where he stated that "The choice in the November elections is clear --ote Republican for democracy or vote Democrat for socialism."

When I read this letter, my first reaction was to remain mute and just let it pass as another poorly-informed individual.

But the latest revelation that the (Bush) administration considered supporting efforts to influence the "free" election outcome in Iraq by the Central Intelligence Agency and the article appearing in this week's Time magazine by Elaine Shannon discussing the Federal Bureau of Investigation's efforts to subvert the American election provokes shivers down the spine of all Americans who want "fairness" and "democracy" to exist in the world.

First of all, Mr. Ricker, the last Democrat administration did more to strengthen democracy and capitalism in the world than the present administration. Private business was successful and millions of business people did very well during the Clinton administration. The United States government had a fiscal surplus which has been squandered by this present administration.

Second, Mr. Ricker, your use of the example of Germany is interesting. Yes, your example of Germany is correct; only by geographical location. The present administration has made the American public accessories to illegal and immoral behavior. I, for one American and Democrat, do not support the change from a freedom loving, morally upright society to one of less and aggression. We, as a nation, must repudiate this effort by the current administration to draw our nation to the morals and behavior of another national socialist effort of bygone years.

We stand on the abyss; do we remain a nation of principles, or do we abandon our moral compass? Do we divide our society with "yellow" emblems and accept the "darkside" of greed and avarice?

Mark Ernest Reza, Payson

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