Pound Is Exceedingly Qualified For Sheriff's Job



I support Kim Pound for the office of Gila County Sheriff. Kim has made no deals with anyone. He owes no one.

Current Sheriff John Armer has deputized forest service personnel. Kim Pound knows that national, state and county law enforcement agencies have constitutionally, traditionally and wisely been kept separate.

Kim will pull those forest service officers' deputy cards.

Kim understands who his constituents are and will remain accessible to all the people of Gila County when he is elected.

He will enforce the law without buckling to forces that would have him merge the sheriff's office with federal and state departments.

Back East where this has already happened, the county sheriffs have become little more than glorified jailers.

Kim is his own man and will make a strong county sheriff.

He is exceedingly qualified for the office and I am proud to endorse him for Gila County Sheriff.

Jinx Pyle, Payson

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