We Need President Bush For Four More Years



We cannot afford not having Bush for four more years.

In answer to Caroline Johnson's article, I submit:

We all have enjoyed the tax cuts that the Bush Administration has provided us. Bush has reduced the Marriage Penalty that has been plaguing us for years. Have we forgotten that it was the democrats that imposed the tax on Social Security? It was also the democrats who increased the tax on Social Security. I cannot understand how paying more tax is a good thing.

It wasn't President Bush who caused 6 percent unemployment ... it was 9/11. Can we forget the loss of income because of the stock market crash? As a result, many retired people lost income from their investments. Can we forget the people afraid to travel because of 9/11, and the subsequent layoff of hundreds of airline employees, and others in the travel industry? We lost import and export business as a result of 9/11 which resulted in more layoffs. Gas prices soared to $2.00 per gallon.

Bush now has our economy in a recovery stage. Let him finish the job and get the credit for a difficult job well done. We now have low interest rates. The housing market has been and is in full swing because of lower interest rates.

We are a sovereign nation and, of course, entitled to protect ourselves without any international interference. The United Nations has given Iraq numerous mandates to allow in-depth inspections which they have consistently ignored. How many times would you be slapped in the face before you fight back? The U.S. is the bulwark of democracy. The world looks to us for strength, leadership and integrity in pursuit of democracy.

Carolyn Johnson, in her letter to the editor, is cleverly deceptive. She selectively quotes the media to her advantage, but then ambiguously states, "I have a problem with the media." Flip-flop again. Do all democrats take a course in flip-flop 101?

Service jobs were lost, in part, because of 9/11. Doesn't Carolyn understand that 50-60 percent of American workers are in the "service" sector of our economy? The U.S. went from an agricultural, to industrial, and for the past 30 years or so, a service providing country. Does Carolyn suggest that all those service providing people are flipping hamburgers? Service providing people include airline employees, travel agents, hotel people and even gardeners, naming a few.

If you want higher tax loss of our sovereign independence and freedom, then vote the democratic ticket. For me and others like me, I will take a person with backbone who keeps a steady course. For all you seniors out there who were brought up democrats, can you say that the democratic party of yesteryear is that same party today? We cannot afford not to keep President Bush for four more years.

Jerry Bessler, Payson

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