Cat Condo Vendor Isn't Harming Anyone



I had the pleasure of meeting Bill last year when I was in Payson while on vacation. I met him at your humane society. Bill was there donating the most beautiful pieces of cat furniture that I have ever seen. Not just one piece, but three of them.

These cat condos could have easily brought in a few hundred dollars for him, but he generously gave his time and workmanship to these animals that are in such need.

I then talked to him as he sat in the hotel parking lot trying to make a few bucks on these great pieces of work, which I must say are very much underpriced.

Come on Nicholas, give the guy a break. He is not selling anything that is in competition with you. Someday you may need to have someone give you a break to enable you to supplement your income. What harm is there in letting a person make a living?

Dawn Williams, Phoenix

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