Outraged At Cat Condo Conundrum



I am outraged that Bill Winn and his "cat condo" business has been rejected for a permit to sell in front of the Best Western Inn of Payson based on one complaint.

The source of that one complaint is even more outrageous! Mr. Brotcke's Pioneer Village Trading Post has long been an eyesore. It is no more than a junk yard. So much of his inventory is left outside all year. Wouldn't that qualify as an "outside display of merchandise"?

Mr. Winn has followed all the requirements of the city. (He did have an improper license at one time, but that was an error by the city and was corrected.)

Of course, Payson wouldn't want outside vendors on every corner, but that shouldn't be a reason to deny one or two vendors who adhere to the council's requirements, keep their display in good taste, and only locate where they have the permission of the property owners. Mr. Winn has the permission from the Inn of Payson, has adhered to all the town's requirements and his display is always in good taste.

If any of you agree with me, why not show your support by either writing or calling one of the council members, or, better yet, attend the meeting whenever Winn's appeal is to be heard. We don't know when that will be, but I'm sure a call to a council member, or the town, will let you know when that will take place.

Louise Cortright, Payson

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