Consultant Can Help See Big Picture In Business


International experts in work systems design and business enhancement have brought their skills to the Rim country.

Christine Wailand-Harrison and Elgie Harrison can help business owners and their employees learn to work smarter, not harder, to increase efficiency; share ownership of their end product; and improve communication.

Together, the couple has the consulting business, "designing organizations" and lived in Payson for about four years.

"My husband helped found the paper mill in Flagstaff and always wanted to come back to Arizona," Wailand-Harrison said.

She continues to work for a few longtime clients and is helping a few businesses in the area as well.

Being involved in the community also was important to the couple.

"We are very involved," she said. She works with the Gila Community College as a workforce development specialist and serves on both the board and as a committee chair for the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation. Wailand-Harrison is secretary of the PREDC board and leads its marketing committee.

"We're looking at the big picture in the state and seeing how Payson can fit in. I would like to see the community become a destination," she said. She added, with the workforce development center she envisions the Rim country becoming a dominating spot for corporate retreats and leadership training opportunities.

Both she and her husband are on the founding board of the coming Goldwater Center for Renewable Technologies at GCC, which will research uses for lumber that cannot be used for building and waste material from the forestry industry.

Wailand-Harrison has been consulting for 25 years. She returned to college as an adult and earned a doctorate in psychology.

"People act in a certain way and I like to know why," she said.

She has worked in human resources, then turned her skills to helping companies become more efficient.

"I look at the work flow. I know how to assess a company -- what each person affects the end results," Wailand-Harrison said.

In addition to her work as a consultant and that with GCC and PREDC, Wailand-Harrison is also writing two books. While she has had numerous articles published, these are her first attempts at the longer form of books.

One explores the shift in leadership and relationship problems created by acquisitions and mergers. Her other book is a guide to achieving a desired lifestyle when an early retirement is taken.

For more information about Wailand-Harrison and her "designing organizations" company, call her at (928) 468-1983.

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