New Trophy Cases Spotlight Longhorn History


Students, visitors and alumni now have a main spot on the Payson High School campus they can visit for a glimpse of school culture and history.

A few months ago, several local residents were in the Flagstaff High School gymnasium to watch a game. In the lobby of the gym, they enjoyed looking at sports trophies, pictures and memorabilia dating back to the 1920s.


Andy Sargent and Darren Daniels place the glass in the second of two trophy cases they built for the Payson High School athletic department. Kyle Workman (not pictured) also worked on the project.

Those standing there wondered why Payson didn't have a central location to show off its history -- place where you might view the trophy Joe Behrens won in the 10th Annual Sludge to Judge race; the 2005 Holiday Hoops Invitational trophy the Lady Horn basketball team won; the three Grand Canyon regional championships the Longhorn boys track team claimed.

Such a place now exists. The next time you are at Payson High School for an event, check out the two new sports trophy cases. They are set up in the lobby of the Wilson Dome near the food concession area.

The cases are the product of three hardworking students in Richard Alvarez's building trades class. Andy Sargent, Darren Daniels and Kyle Workman spent about 20 hours building the cases out of alder wood with oak rails. The cases are sure to stand the test of time.

Daniels said he has helped out on other projects for the high school. He has made bookcases as well as an awning so water wouldn't get into the equipment room.

Wednesday morning, the builders were getting ready to paint the finish on the cases which will be delivered to the Wilson Dome sometime in the afternoon.

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