Roll Up Your Sleeves For Community Blood Drive



United Blood Services is having a blood drive in Pine from 12:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday, April 12 at the First Baptist Church on Highway 87. Your blood is desperately needed as there are drastic shortages at the hospitals. If you cannot give blood, maybe you could bake some cookies or bars for those who are able to donate.

Baked goods would be greatly appreciated by all. Pine is known to have the best goodies for their blood drives. Other locations have to resort to store-bought stuff. But most of the baking has been done by a few good women who are getting tired. Some new help is needed.
If you wish to schedule an appointment or have any questions, call Catherine Revait, (928) 476-4212.

Take Pride will soon publish its first newsletter for the communities of Pine and Strawberry. Watch for it at local businesses.
Literary pursuits

Children's story hour is at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 13 at the Pine Library. The book of the week is "Lemons are not Red" by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. Work on the rainbow books will continue. This week's colors are yellow and green.

The ONEBOOK AZ book discussion will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 16 at the Pine Library. Carol Scott, a fun and informative gal, will lead the discussion. These are wonderful and interesting books. There is still time to read them if you are a fast reader. The two books are "Sunk Without a Sound" and "Grand Ambition."

The PC User's group will not meet during April. Our noble leader is in some foreign land seeing and taking photographs of all sorts of wonderful things. Watch for information on the May gathering.

Be kind to your planet

Earth Day is Friday, April 22. It seems this should be ongoing rather than just a day -- but it is good to think of all the ways we can improve the way we take care of the earth.

To honor the earth, here are some simple suggestions for good habits that we should all develop: sort cans, glass and plastic for recycling; look for the recycling sign on products you buy; plant a tree; don't litter; recycle old toys; conserve paper, water and energy; save the animals; and care for our planet every day. These are good rules to follow every day of the year. Just think of the difference we could make. So much is going into the landfills in our disposable world.

If we are not careful, our part of the earth will be one big dump. Other countries are much less disposable than we are.
Get outside and take a walk on these gorgeous days. Soon we will be complaining because it is too hot. It is time to get out and work in the garden. After all the rain, the work will be much easier and the results should be wonderful.

I have to apologize. Last week, I mentioned I would be out of town but I did get the weeks mixed up. I will be gone the week of April 11. I need all the information by Saturday, April 9. My deadlines will be back in order beginning with the April 22 column. However, the earlier you can get the information to me, within reason, the better.

Thank you for all your input. Thanks also for reading the column. It makes my efforts very rewarding.
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