Roundabout Not Winning Any Popularity Contests



The roundabout is another name for major nightmare. I am from New England where they have these traffic circles. It is not easy driving through the maze -- very confusing.

Why not spend the money to install a stoplight at Home Depot? I notice drivers in Payson do not know the proper procedure at a four-way stop, and that is a cut and dried routine.

How are they going to go through a very confusing roundabout? Everyone I talk to says the roundabout is a very bad idea. The Street Talk question on March 5 was "What is your opinion of the roundabout going in near Home Depot?"

Everyone was not for it. The article in the Payson Roundup March 29 states that the Arizona Department of Transportation decided that the roundabout was preferable to a traffic signal at Home Depot. I think everyone who decided on the roundabout instead of a traffic signal is not informed.

In theory, the roundabout is a fantastic idea. In reality, it is a definite nightmare. I would like to know what the roundabout is going to cost we taxpayers versus a traffic signal. Please let us know.

Eva F. Jacobs, New England

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