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Re: Illegal immigrants

I'm Hispanic (born here as rest of family was). I'm against illegals coming here, but don't say that the people in this town are looking for jobs. There are jobs for Americans, they just need to get off the crack and stop being lazy. Get a job. It's not that hard if you really look.

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  • I would like to see a poll asking Americans if they would like to work in fields picking strawberries, apples, onions. My husband used to do that work and when he did, he never seen not one American out in the field.

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  • Gary Papineau's complaint that illegal Mexicans are taking jobs away from him. Ask him if he will work as a dishwasher 12 hours a day for $2.50 and hour, and then let him decide if these people are taking a $12 an hour drywall job away from him. It is always easy to blame the people who have no advocacy. Tell him there is a building boom in Phoenix, with plenty of drywall jobs. But then he wants to live in Payson. Don't we all?

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