Encourage Diversity



Recently George Spears wrote and commented about his surprise that no one else had criticized the poisonous letter penned previously by Russ Kruger. I had intended to write at the time I saw Mr. Kruger's letter, and have intended to do so ever since reading Mr. Spears' letter. Better late than never.

Mr. Spears is absolutely right. The letter from Russ Kruger was full of hateful feeling and spite and represents the kind of thinking our ancestors founded this country to avoid. I sincerely hope he is in a tiny minority.

When we become so self-satisfied and self-righteous as to believe that we are superior to other groups, be they racial, religious, or ethnic, we are riding for a fall.

Let us protect ourselves from that fall by encouraging diversity and the kind of compassionate, all-inclusive philosophy that Christ preached.

Kate Moore, Payson

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