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Re: College board meeting

I am a student of Gila Community College and I attended the board meeting at the college on Friday, April 8, 2005. was appalled how the board members acted out, I felt as though I was in the audience at a Jerry Springer show.t seems to me the main concern of the board members should be, to find and offer the absolute best education possible to all the students of Gila County.f you don't offer what works for the students, the students will go else where.he bottom line is if you don't have students, you don't have a college.o the board members should forget their personal differences and decide what is best for the student population and leave the politics out of our education.

Re: Humane society yard sale

I was at the humane society yard sale Saturday morning waiting, with about 30 other people, for the doors to open when we were informed that an antique dealer had been there the day before to price anything she thought was collectable. In exchange for this service, she was allowed to buy anything she wanted that she had priced. I'd like to know if anyone else thinks this is a huge conflict of interest. Not to mention highly unethical. I know certified appraisers could lose their license for doing the same.

Re: American jobs

Instead of standing on the corner looking for some cheese to go along with your whine, why not go to the Roundup office and get a copy of the Roundup and look at the 63 help wanted ads that were in the issue of your "sad" story. I guess the Mexicans that can't read English haven't taken all YOUR jobs!

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  • To the woman who wrote on April 8th about not seeing one American working the fields for $2.50 an hour.

Did you see the prices of fruits and vegetables in the stores? Someone's making money! Today, $16 an hour can't buy a house; you're only making the bills at that wage. The illegals excepting $2.50 an hour are only bringing the standard of living down for all the working class and making big business richer. Why pay an American $12 an hour to do drywall when we can get an illegal to do it for $5 or less? If this continues there will be two classes of people ... the rich and the working poor. The real question for me is: what is happening in Mexico? I see their leaders living in palaces, but they can't take care of the people?

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