April Can Be A Very Taxing Time Of Year



April 15. I hope that everyone has filed their taxes by this time and can now relax. I understand the stress of finding the right paperwork and getting those nasty 1040 forms filled out. Thank goodness our taxes bill have been sent out for another year.

There are four birthdays to celebrate on this day, talk about adding more stress, and having a baby too. The birthday people are Bob Manning of Tonto Village III, Connie Weldon also of T.V. III, and our favorite bartender, Brett Zekoff, along with Brett Coley, who will turn two on that day. Brett Coley is the grandson of Grant and Marie Coley of Tonto Village II. Happy birthday to all of you.

Tonto Village Fire District

On Sunday afternoon about 2:30 p.m., the Tonto Village volunteer firemen, Chief J.R. Alliger, Doug Paul, Jeff Shaw, Nick Fitch and Rick Prach responded to a fire in Thompson Draw 2 at lot 54, the Gonzales family. Lightning hit a few trees on the property igniting a work shed and a wood pile. The men made quick work of extinguishing the lightning caused blaze.

My husband and I were out walking our beagle, Libby, when it started to hail, and then we heard the lightning strike that sounded so close, we knew that it hit fairly close by. The weather has been really strange, hearing thunder and lightning and then watching it snow and hail.

The fire board announced at the Saturday meeting that a grant from the Arizona State Land Grant was awarded to the Tonto Village Fire District in the amount of $20,000 for a new fire truck. That is very good news for all the people within the fire district.

Domino Divas

The Domino Divas will be holding an Italian-themed potluck along with an afternoon of dominos this coming Wednesday, April 20. Bring one of your favorite Italian dishes and have some fun. The Divas have talked about a T-shirt with a logo with dominoes embroidered on the shirt, and then going as a group to participate in the Payson Area Habitat for Humanity 5K walk/run Saturday, May 7. If you are interested in the T-shirt and/or the 5K walk, call me at (928) 478-4575 or Linda Stailey at (928) 578-4641.

Connie updates

Thanks to Pastor Ken Schroth of the Tonto Village Chapel for all of the updates on the computer that he has provided to Connie's friends. Pastor Ken lives in the Valley, so he has the opportunity to visit Connie quite often.

Connie is going through intensive rehabilitation and she is doing splendidly. We don't know how soon she will be able to come home, but we are eagerly looking forward to her being a part of our dominoes group and part of the congregation at Tonto Village Chapel.

Thank you Pastor Ken for keeping all of us informed of Connie's progress.

Remember that Rita Spalink has coordinated a Saturday afternoon youth group for the children of Tonto Village at the Chapel. The fun goes from noon until 4 p.m.

There are games, refreshments, movies and Bible lessons for all ages. This is a wonderful opportunity for the parents to have a bit of free time on Saturday afternoons.

Pool Cues

The Tuesday Night nine-ball gals (they don't have an official name yet) played at the Double D Restaurant this past Tuesday evening, and the first-place winner was Betty Koutz. Kara Shaw and Ethel Cain played for second and third place.

There was no Sunday pool games this past Sunday for the lack of players available. Where is everybody? Get those pool sticks chalked up and get on over to the Double D by 3 p.m. this coming Sunday.

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