Buyer Beware



In response to the "feedback" about a local dealer pricing and buying before the public at the Humane Society Yard Sale, it's no different than what other dealers are doing to the public.

A certain "antique store" in town has an "in" with all the local thrift stores -- that if something of any real value gets donated, she takes it, puts it in her store (at an outrageous price) and (says) she gives a percentage back to the store.

Why aren't donated items at the thrift stores "fair game?" Wouldn't it make more sense to help the organization benefit from a higher total purchase price, instead of sitting in an "antique store" for months at a price no one will pay?

An item I donated to a local thrift store was recently put on their shelf for purchase at $1.99. (It was really nothing -- a no-name ceramic figure from China.) While visiting the antique store, I spotted it on their shelf (they pulled the "Made in China" tag off the bottom) for $149.99.

I will never go into that ‘so-called' antique store again. Buyer beware!

Kim Montgomery, Payson

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