Could Retired Americans Save The Day?



I have a challenge for the retired people of Payson and all across the nation. I have to work at a job every day to support my family and I don't have the time to devote to this idea.

I think with the quality, quantity, and abilities of our retirees with some time to devote to a cause could possibly stimulate and organize the American farmer to produce fuel.

With a cause to rally behind, all of America could get on board and help save us all from foreign oil gouging. We all need to support our American farmers and help America as a whole. I am concerned about our economy.

I know the farmers of America could bail all of America out by producing fuel. We could put foreign oil out of business and be self-supporting. Why not bail out the farmers and save the American public from the disgrace of buying foreign oil at the same time.

We want our farmers to produce what we need in the way of high quality food. Why not at the same time help everyone in America?

I am sick of seeing advertisements on television about produce from Chile. I am only one voice in this country, but it starts with one small spark to start a great fire. I would like to be that small spark and with our retired populations' help we could help so many people in America, plus clean up the environment too.

All I hear about on the news is how the price of fuel is going up, up, up and no one is doing anything about it. Daniel Webster said, "In union there is strength."

Where is the strength of the American today? Maybe we can start the fire in the belly of we Americans with self-sufficiency.

I would much rather give our farmers $2 or more per gallon of fuel as to give it to Exxon, British Petroleum, or any other "oil producer." I am tired of getting cheated "at the pump." What do you think?

Lee Queen, Payson

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