Humane Society Board Member Responds To Critic



First, I want to thank everybody who donated items for our sale, McLane Self Storage and Dudley Self Storage for donating units to store the goods in, all of our wonderful volunteers who worked so hard to help make this a success, the Payson Roundup for their continued support and publicity, and finally all of the people who attended the sale. It was a huge success, netting nearly $6,000 for the shelter.

Next, I would like to respond to the "Site Feedback" in the paper concerning our sale. The "antique dealer" mentioned was simply working as a volunteer helping us set up the sale, and was allowed pre-sale privileges just like all other volunteers who worked with us on the sale.

She was not given any special prices for the items she purchased, and she did not price the items she bought herself. We did ask her and other volunteers for their opinions on the value of some items so we would have some idea of how to price them, but only so we wouldn't radically underprice or overprice items.

Actually, many of the ‘collectible' items that were donated for the sale have been saved aside to sell via eBay or other venues in order to get the best price possible, and were not even brought to the yard sale.

Perhaps the author of that (feedback) should have checked her facts before making false accusations.

Penny McKinlock, Payson Humane Society

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