Kidney Patients Lacking Treatment Options



Payson, a growing town of 15,000 plus, is sorely lacking in medical facilities.

Why is it that people with failing kidneys have only two choices? Either you are shipped off some 90 miles to the flatlands three times a week for dialysis or you're faced with moving from your home to a place that many a Paysonite dread to go.

Yep, I'm talking bout the Valley. Isn't it scary enough knowing that your kidneys are failing and that it could kill you?

Maybe you've never considered the possibility that it could happen to you. Well I'm here to tell you right now don't bet on it.

Apparently from what I've been told there was a dialysis facility here in Payson that has been closed.

I've also heard rumor that there is an effort going on to reestablish such a facility.

Isn't it about time Payson takes on the responsibility of seeing to it that it's residents that call this town home, don't have to go all the way to hell and back just to have what most people take for granted?

Ed Johnson, Payson

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