Maybe It's Time To Clean House



I have noticed that when there is an issue that we are passionate about here in Payson, we voice our opinions in paper, on the radio and to our elected officials. That is why I am so surprised at how little has been said about the loss of our community college.

I understand for many, the political strife over our college has been confusing. As I understand the situation, the biggest losses may be to our nursing program, the EMT program and the teaching program.

The classes needed to keep these programs viable may not be offered through EAC. I'm curious to know how the change will impact the high school seniors, who are taking classes at the college as part of their high school curriculum.

Could our loss also impact the Northern Arizona University classes being offered on campus? What will it take to put a fire under our feet and work together to save the college?

I'm glad I was able to graduate from Gila Community College before the bullies of the south came and stole our future.

I hope we, as a community, have the strength to take back what we so desperately need for the future of our children.

There is a lot at stake in this dispute. If we don't make our voices heard, our elected officials will continue to take tax dollars from this community and spend them in their own back yards. Our loss will be their gain.

Kristi Kisler, Payson

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