Time To Unpack Northern Gila County's Baggage



Well, I guess anyone who has been following the Gila Community College versus Eastern Arizona College debacle has to be wondering just where are the voices of northern Gila County residents heard.

It certainly is not in Globe as they would have you believe. The entire Globe area is scratching to maintain their very existence since the departure of copper mining, and they seem to take great pleasure in surviving on the backs of the taxpayers of northern Gila County.

As one Payson resident opined, perhaps it is time to divide Gila County into two separate and distinct counties. It appears that is the only solution to the "bullying" that the citizens in the north continually receive from our "representatives" firmly ensconced in Globe.

The thought is not simply a pipe dream. It can become a reality if the people here in the northern part of the county get behind such a move.

I think we have adequate and experienced people who can give guidance and direction to such and undertaking. Are you listening Mr. Christensen?

Ron Hamric, Payson

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