Control Barking Dogs



I would like to suggest to all my neighbors, who seem to have arrived from mobile residences in Apache Junction and Mesa, that they get together and let all their dogs howl for two or three half-hour sessions a day. It is bad enough that all my neighbors have barking dogs, but it is much worse that they bark all day and part of the night in sequence.

I have been told, upon expressing displeasure at their barking, that dogs bark, "don't they?" I guess I have to agree, but where I grew up dogs were not allowed to bark all day long and well into the night. I have a neighbor who lets his animal bark at one in the morning. Unfortunately for me, not for the full hour that would permit me to call for the police. But enough to wake me or, worse, to keep me up.

So, in the interest of neighborhood togetherness, I strongly suggest that all dog owners have their dogs bark at 7 a.m., noon, and 7 p.m. for one-half hour. At all other times the dogs should be kept wherever they cannot be heard, even while soiling the carpet. I have some other suggestions for ameliorating the barking dog situation here in the cool pines that I will explore if my wonderfully neighborly suggestion is not adopted.

Bill Campbell, Payson

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