Disappointed With Supervisor's College Vote



As a 12-year resident of northern Gila County, and a recently retired 10.5-year Gila County employee, I have stood by and watched as the southern county and Globe continually dump on Payson and the communities that surround it.

Issues such as county infrastructure sites and services are abysmal here as compared to those in the south. Now, to watch my own district supervisor bend over and kiss the rings of those who continually throw dirt in our faces while taxing us is an outrage. There is no justification for your vote of "unity" with your two Globe-area counterparts with respect to the Gila Community College debacle.

You have disenfranchised all the citizens of northern Gila County who worked tirelessly to obtain the funds from the legislature to build a college campus for our area children and still have some degree of local autonomy.

I and others now have no trust in your efforts to represent the best interest of your constituents and the taxpayers of northern Gila County.

Donald Evans, Payson

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