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Re: Blinking lights at schools

I wasn't surprised when I read someone ask, "Why are there blinking lights by some schools?".

I've seen people go through stop signs, make right turns from the left lane, pull right out into traffic (from a store etc.) without caring about oncoming traffic, speed well above the limit and what irks me the most -- not that the above don't -- is the non use of turn signals.

Now I understand! They're not bad drivers; they just don't know!


Re: Gas prices

We recently did a cruise from London to Rome. Gas in London was more than $6 a gallon. In Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the rock it was more $4! Most of those folks drove very small cars and motorcycles and bikes! In London, you have to pay $10 to bring your car as the parking is limited. I wonder, is our gas really high?

Re: War on drugs

I think your little editorial in the paper (April 19, 2005) was ridicules. I think it's the parent's responsibility to keep kids away from dope -- not the government's, and not my responsibility to pay to keep other people's kids away from dope.

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