Trees Being Toppled Along The Control Road



It has been a bit noisy in Tonto Village this week along the Control Road.

A contract crew has been hired out by the U.S. Forest Service to clear the Ponderosa pines away from the roadway. Chain saw noise has been going on all this week. Drivers need to use extra caution when driving along the Control Road because of fallen trees. In some cases the crew has had to stop traffic for a few minutes until the trees could be moved.

Excitement of another kind was happening along Standage Road near the Shelby School. A doublewide mobile home fashioned into a log home was being put into the empty lot next door to the school. There was a lot jockeying the two sides into the lot, but it was finally accomplished, with many kids from Shelby School out watching the progress.

I received an e-mail message this week from one of the members of the Fire Belles. That is the auxiliary of the Christopher Creek Fire Department. There will be a "Firewise Community" meeting at the fire station beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 23.

There will be forest health and fire experts, safety experts, state and county personnel. They will be speaking about our forest and how to make our surroundings defensible/survivable, and to answer any questions regarding our forest. This meeting should concern everyone in the surrounding area, including Tonto Village, Mead Ranch, Collins Ranch, Thompson Draw I and II and any other outlying area around our community. Be sure to attend this very important meeting.

Neighborly update

Connie Weldon has been moved again to another room at St Joseph's Hospital. Her new room is S-1 room 19 Bed 2, 350 W. Thomas, Phoenix, 85013. Connie has kept up the pace of her rehabilitation and she is anxious to get well enough to come home. She would enjoy hearing from her friends to keep up her spirits.

Pool results

The ladies who play on Tuesday evenings for the nine-ball tournament, played at the Landmark this week, the winners were Linda Stailey, Lorraine Mathews, and Phyllis Mullen all of Tonto Village. Way to go, girls. This past Sunday afternoon, Brett Zekoff, Pat Wheaton and Phyllis Mullen were the top winners. Congratulations to all the winners.


Angela Meeker (April 19); my two oldest daughters, Joanne Harper and Eileen Porter, both of Yuma (April 22) -- They were born exactly two years and one minute apart. I don't know how that happened, but it sure is unusual.

Tonto Village Chapel

Don't forget that there is a place for your kids to enjoy themselves every Saturday starting at noon and ending at 4 p.m. at the chapel. Rita Spalink is the coordinator and she has organized a fun time for all ages of kids. There are games, refreshments, movies and Bible lessons available. Field trips will be in the future. Call Rita at (928) 478-0442 or (928) 478-4282 if you need more information.

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