Wake Up And Pay Attention



In the Site Feedback column Re: Gila Community College District (Roundup, April 19) the writer makes a statement that is very telling about the outcome of the recent giveaway of our college to EAC but it likely went unnoticed to the casual reader. They begin their remarks about being happy it's going back to EAC by stating that they took classes "HERE IN GLOBE."There is the crux of the matter -- Globe received almost everything when EAC ran the college and Payson was given very little of substance for our campus.So Globe trumped Payson again.

Payson better wake up and pay attention.Support for the college and the Payson campusrom local officials seemed noticeably absent.hen I attended some of those awful meetings, I did not recognize anyone from the town council or the chamber of commerce (if you were there, I apologize).

My point is that, except for the excellent coverage by the Payson Roundup, there was no ground swellf support from the major players of the community.Well, as the saying goes, "you don't know what you have 'til its gone."

M. R. Decker, Payson

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