Wisdom Of Roundabout Questioned



Re: Here we go 'round in circles?

I'm just wondering how long it's going to take before the advertising company who handles Home Depot's account realizes that the store here is located on the west side of Highway 87 and not on the east.

Every bit of advertising that has come out so far has shown its location on the wrong side of the road.

Just a note to the people planning to landscape and decorate the traffic circle at Highway 87 and Houston Mesa Road. If I were you, I would hold off with your plans for about three or four months after the traffic circle is completely done. I figure it will probably take this long, or a couple of fatal accidents, before someone with the intelligence and power to do so finally realizes that they have made a serious mistake and put in a traffic light.

This junction is the last major intersection going north out of town. Before the decision was made to put in a traffic circle, were traffic counts taken during the summer when it is at its highest, and consideration taken that it would even be higher when Home Depot opened up?

We had a wonderfully moist winter -- one of the best in a long, long time. That's fine for us now. Record moisture gives us record growth. If we have a hot summer, we also may be looking forward to one of our worst fire seasons in a long time. If something really goes bad for us here in Payson, we only have three ways out of town: Highway 87/260 north, Highway 87 south and Highway 260 east. Remember the Rodeo Chediski fire? Because of this fire, there was one time when both Highway 87 south and Highway 260 east were closed at the same time. The only way out of town was Highway 87/260 north.

What if something like this were to happen this summer and, God forbid, we were ordered to evacuate. The only way out town for the entire population of Payson would be north -- through a traffic circle.

Gary Klein, Payson

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