Work For Veterans Hits Snag



I met Ron Strong last week when I went over to Creekside Mobile Home Park to see what was going on. Ron and Greg DeClaire were cleaning up the park.

Just about all the residents are out to make room for another phase of Creekside Mountain Homes. They were moving out the mobile homes that were left behind and just about everything they could load up on their truck.


Fire destroyed one of the remaining trailers at the Creekside Mobile Home Park April 17. In spite of all the damage, no one was injured.

Ron and Greg work with Vets Helping Vets out of Payson. They were going to sell the trailers to vets at a low cost, and have several garage sales to raise money as well.

Ron told me how excited he was that someone gave him a small trailer to live in while he stayed on the premises and kept an eye on things. Unfortunately on Sunday, April 17, Ron lit a cigarette and his trailer literally blew up. Ron was blown completely out the door. After looking at the trailer I was amazed to see how anyone could have survived, but Ron made it out OK.

There was no gas in the trailer, but several small propane tanks outside which could have been leaking. The owners have asked everyone to stay out of the trailer park. It isn't safe with all the buildings coming down and they do not want people taking things from the site. We wish Ron the best and hope that he is doing well. Ron and Greg were working very hard to clean the park up when this unfortunate accident happened.

John Robinette passed away last Saturday unexpectedly. He was Pat Oliver's younger brother and grew up in Christopher Creek. He had lived here in the 60s. He was living in Star Valley at the time of his death. There will be a memorial service for John on Saturday, April 23 at noon at the Mileage Sink Hole Vista Point, 2 miles off Highway 260 on top of the Rim, going toward Woods Canyon Lake. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Don't forget the Firewise Community meeting to be held at the Christopher Kohls Fire Department Fire Hall at 10 a.m., Saturday, April 23. There will be forest health and fire experts, safety experts, state and county personnel on hand to speak to about our forest areas and how to make them safer, and answer all questions regarding this subject. Everyone is welcome to attend. The more folks who are aware of this safety program, the safer our community will be. For more info, call Jerri Glover at (928) 478-3544 or Lorraine Matthews at (928) 478- 4011.

The Christopher/Kohls Fire Department received a plaque from the Forest Service and the Payson Ranger District. The plaque read "The Willow Fire scorched 119,500 acres on the Tonto National Forest. The Horse, Webber, Ponderosa and 93 other wildfires combined to char another 3,376 acres on the Payson Ranger District. Your mutual aid and commitment to public safety is best reflected in the final statistics. Human lives lost: 0 Homes lost: 0 Businesses lost: 0 When Americans care, great things happen. Many thanks."

Keep up the good work firefighters, many thanks to the CKFD.

Lately the winds have been extremely high and the ground is very dry. We as a community need to be aware of what is going on around us. Use caution when outside, don't drop a cigarette outside and keep an eye on neighbors' houses, and what is going on around you. Report all fires. Let's try and keep those statistics at "0."

Pool results

Winners of the ladies nine-ball game: first place, Linda Stailey; second, Bo Matthews; third, Phyllis Mullen.

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