Isolate Drug Dealers



I am relieved to see the repudiation of the ideas of a former officer of the law against the prohibition of seriously addictive drugs which were published in the previous issue of the Payson Roundup.

When a purveyor of methamphetamine sells a bag to another person, it is -- as far as I can see -- little different than had he shot the person dead -- little different except for the far reaching catastrophic collateral damage which is certain to be wreaked by the purchaser upon the rest of society in order to fund his addiction.

It is my feeling that upon the FIRST conviction for the sale of methamphetamine, the convict should be sentenced to life plus one day in an ISOLATION (isolation -- not penal, not rehabilitative -- isolation) colony in the farthest, driest and hottest/coldest hinterlands of the Western, he will be required to labor for his needs with minimal assistance (seeds, fertilizer and water) or perish. No visitors and absolutely no communication with the outside should be permitted, except for the one-way-in notice to him/her upon the death of family members, and except for the one-way-out notice to his family upon the eventual death of the convict.

The same should apply to one convicted for the second time for possession.

This scourge must be stopped and only the methods which I have described are likely to get the attention of those not yet involved with these drugs. Those already enmeshed in them must be permanently removed from society.

"Cruel and Unusual," you say: I challenge you to ask the mother and the father who has lost a promising son or daughter to this horrible substance addiction -- just ask them. Ask the man who has seen his business partner shot down, leading not only to the loss of his best friend, but to the loss of his business and livelihood -- ask him.

As to technical methods of enforcement, require that all the precursor substances available in over-the-counter retail trade be tracer-tagged such that when a batch of meth-amphetamine is seized, it can be traced back to its source. That will end that trade.

Those who sell a significant portion of the several precursors of methamphetamine at the same or different times to the same or different purchasers should be subject to the same permanent removal from society.No quibbling, please.

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Payson

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