Threatening The Constitution



The truth about judicial filibusters.

Supporters of the "constitutional option" want only to end filibusters on judicial nominations. The legislative filibuster will be completely unaffected.

President Clinton's judicial nominees were never filibustered and never before has a judicial nominee with clear majority support been denied an up-or-down vote in the Senate by filibuster.

Having to overcome a filibuster (by obtaining 60 votes) on a judicial nomination is unprecedented and has never been the confirmation test for any nominee. In the past, both parties have called for up-or-down votes.

Senate debate is governed by Senate rules, not by the Constitution. The senate's Constitutional role to "advise and consent" is, in fact, being impaired by the unprecedented use of partisan filibusters to block confirmation votes.

Fifty-one votes are all that have ever been required for judicial confirmations. The 51 votes are consistent with Senate tradition and restores those traditions through traditional methods.

The Democrats have threatened to shut down the Senate rather than carry out their Constitutional obligation to provide an up-or-down vote on judicial nominees.

Joe Gasiel, Payson

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