What's More Addictive: Llamas' Blood, Cocaine Or Sarcasm?



Recently, while reading the Payson Roundup I came across some startling information.

In the story about the llamas being attacked by crazed dogs it stated that llamas are like cocaine and that once a dog gets a hold of one it can't stop. This is extremely disturbing to me. Why hasn't this issue been brought to the public's attention before? Something must be done about the llamas in this country. I propose that checkpoints be set up at the borders of our country (especially Mexico) to stop these harmful things from crossing into our great nation. Along with checkpoints I propose that a new coalition of those who deeply care about the poor, unsuspecting dogs of this country band together and form (and this name is not set in stone) the Llama Enforcement Administration or the LEA. And the solution does not stop there. I have heard that once a dog has tasted llama, it will not even chase a tennis ball unless it is coated in the blood of one.

And I do not even know if that is the worst of it. We need to set up rehabilitation clinics for those dogs that are already addicted.

It will be tough, but with a willing nation and perhaps a few extra tax dollars we can stop this problem once and for all.

If for no one else, do it for the puppies.

Erik Monty, Payson

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