Courtesy Isn't Common



I've been in Payson six months now and people have been very friendly. I love my new house and neighborhood.

I was shocked when I went to the terrific new Home Depot. The workers were informative and courteous. I know they're new at the jobs and are glad to have such a good company here with great benefits.

While I was at the customer service desk, an older gentleman, who is supposed to be a mentor to the young, came up and demanded immediate attention, and insulted the girls behind the counter.

He was so rude the worker was shaking, but continued to be courteous.

Come on, Payson, give these workers credit. They are learning a new job and on their feet 90 percent of their shifts. What happened to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

I will continue to go on my weekly Home Depot shopping sprees and hope I see better manners and courtesy shown to the employees. In fact, next time you go, thank your cashier, customer service rep or the person who climbed four feet on the ladder to help get your product.

I'll be listening and watching. I hope I see more smiling faces.

M. Jordan, Payson

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