Everyone Has Chance To Do The Right Thing



I grieve when I read headlines reporting little children being murdered, humans dying of starvation, disease and war, to hear debates over the worth of human lives, to see families being destroyed by violence, abuse, drugs and perversion.

So many people are walking around lost in confusion, pain and hatred.

Here's a lesson we could all benefit from: We let the circumstances of our lives be the excuses for our actions.

My Dad's words echo in my mind: We can let life run all over us, or we can rule our own lives.

Some things we cannot change. But, we all have the natural ability to know what is right and what is wrong. Every human has the chance to do the right things for our families, ourselves and each other. Take these moments in life to cherish what we do have.

I have faith that our prayers do not fall on deaf ears. We are all blessed -- even in our darkest hours.

So have faith in each other, in our country and in God. Every moment is a moment worthy of having an opportunity to make a choice.

We should all make it worth it.

Cherilynn Hughes-Yoder, Payson

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