Grandparents Need Support Too



Grandparents raising grandchildren seems to be a common occurrence in Payson, so I am told, but I wish more of them would attend the grandparent support group that Christi Walton puts on at the PUSD Parent Resource Center.

I have had physical custody of my grandson and one of his half-sisters for eight months and no longer feel that I blend in with those in my age group or the young families. I started attending the support grouprom the inceptionnd am thankful to have met Vera Eccles, another grandparent who has been through the child protective services system. She has been a wealth of knowledge and support, but it is disappointing to know there are so many others out there who could also share their experiences.

I know all too well the hardships of attending a night meeting with having to get a sitter,orking around outside activities and the never-ending lists of things to do at home, but it might be reassuring to know there are others facing the same dilemmas that we are every day. There is no doubt that there are obstacles when one takes on the responsibility of children that are in the state system and those who say people do this for the money surenow something that we don't,s we take money out of our savings account monthly.

The small amount that we are entitled to monthly has a long list of paperwork and interviews, not to mentionhe (fortunately rare) time I had to deal with a pretty callous andisinformed person at the local Department of Economic Security office. For the most part people are supportive and appreciative of those willing to open their hearts and homes to little ones in need.

Cathy Boone, Payson

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