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Re: Rogue judges

If our legislature so desires to persecute our nations rogue judges with impunity. Please start with Justices Rehnquist and Scalia since they selected our non-elected president in 2000. If political agenda had nothing to do with that, then move on however there will always be a reasonable doubt. So let the person or party without sin cast the first stone.

Re: Solving the illegals problem

There are two obvious ways to solve the problem with illegals coming over from Mexico.

1. Steal Mexico from Mexico the same way we stole California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada from Mexico in the early 1800s under the "God Ordained Manifest Destiny" policy.

2. Allow the illegals to come in and reoccupy the territory we previously stole from Mexico. Then the Native Americans can win the territory from the illegals in the casinos and it will be back where it started.

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