Community Development Director Retires


After 17 years as a town employee and 15 years as community development director, Bob Gould is retiring.


Bob Gould

"Everybody's got to leave eventually, I guess," Gould said.

While he has no definite plans as yet, he said he will probably do some private-sector work.

Gould, whose mission was to build a safe, attractive community with a vibrant economic component, guided the town's Community Development Department into the 21st century.

He directed the Main Street/ Redevelopment Area Program, the Planning and Zoning Division, the Building Division, and the Housing Division.

Among his more recent accomplishments was the development and implementation, in June, of a design review ordinance created to enhance the street appeal of the town's commercial areas. The purpose of the new ordinance is to change the architectural emphasis of the town's business corridors from a contemporary/fast food/gas station look to rustic.

Town Manager Fred Carpenter said Aug. 19 is Gould's last day with the town. "It's a fond parting," Carpenter said. "It's all amicable."

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