Let's Make More Use Of Historical Park


Dear Jayne Peace Pyle and Jinx Pyle:

At a Citizens Awareness Committee meeting on Wednesday, Carol McCauley, the Main Street program director, talked about the Payson Historical Park on the corner of Main and McLane. She said that you both were members of a committee to look into the park.

I'm writing you to put in a suggestion to add to the park. All along, I have noticed the graduated steps in a semi-circle (roughly) in the park. It seems to me those steps would be ideal to sit on with a fire ring in front of the steps. The local scouts and others could hold a meeting at the park which included a hot dog and marshmallow roast and songs around the campfire. This sounds like old-time Arizona to me. What do you think?

David Engleman suggests that a drinking fountain and bathroom (even a one-stall affair like at construction sites -- this is my, rather than Dave's, comment) be added.

A chained-down trash can would be needed if a fire ring is installed and the Parks Department would have to service the park at intervals; not as often as the big parks, though.

I love and thank you for your books and historical columns in The Rim Review.

Thank you for considering these suggestions for our historical park.

Residents of Payson, please write in your suggestions for this park to make it more useful.

Elaine Ellinger, Payson

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