Roundabout Already Compromises Vision



On Thursday evening I saw this intelligent, attractive woman addressing the town council on displaying an elk in the center of the Home Depot Roundabout. She kept emphasizing her vision.

Well, let me say that I had good vision of the traffic coming from the north and the south on the Beeline.ut not anymore, because of the giant mound of dirt that blocks seeing traffic coming from the other way.

There should be nothing in the center of that roundabout that detracts or obscures a driver's view.

It was andtills,or some drivers, difficulto negotiate the roundabout.

I agree with ADOT for denying the elk request, not because people would stop and take pictures, but because it would be a distraction and you can't see the on-coming traffic.

Please, find another place for this project.

Lief Erickson, Payson

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