This Just 'Ain't' Right



About the time I thought I had just about heard every sugar-coated excuse for higher density, the Roundup, Friday, July 29, reported that the proposed new development "Forest Edge" will have narrower streets to discourage traffic.

Wow! If our planning department buys that one, I have a bridge to sell them. The fact that narrower streets might be unsafe, but cheaper to build, is just a coincidence. If you have narrower streets, you will probably be able to jam in a couple more houses.

The developer wants to dedicate 24 percent of the property (hillside location) to the city. I bet they would like to not have to pay for the upkeep on vertical soccer fields, or maybe a rock climbing hill, or motorcycle hill climb.

If narrower streets are, in fact, a fix on traffic, then ADOT might have a solution to the weekend bumper-to-bumper mess on the Beeline.

This is the first of three subdivisions made possible through the hijacking of Star Valley water.

In my humble opinion, "that just ain't right."

Jim Matych, Payson

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