Driver Fails To Yield, Collides With Motorcycle


A Phoenix man was injured Tuesday morning when his motorcycle collided with a pickup truck at the intersection of Highway 87 and Forest Drive.

John Giese, 52, was headed southbound on Highway 87 when a Dodge pickup truck turned in front of him. According to police the truck failed to yield when it made a left-hand turn onto Forest Drive.

Kendall "didn't see the motorcycle until just before impact," said Payson Police Officer Chris Harold, who was on the scene.

Giese was airlifted to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn for treatment of a chest injury, possible broken leg and possible head injury. He sustained a broken collar bone, broken ribs on both sides of his spine, but mostly he was "just really bruised," and in stable condition.

Giese was wearing a helmet.

The driver of the truck, V. Kay Kendall, 79, of Young, said he was upset that Giese was injured in the accident.

"If I'd been going 5 (mph) faster or if he'd have been going 5 (mph) slower we would have missed," he said."Those (motorcycles) are death machines. It's a good thing he's wearing a helmet."

Giese, who was on his way through Payson after visiting friends in Colorado Springs, said he couldn't remember the accident, but was frustrated to learn that someone had turned in front of him.

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