Event Center Project Should Go To Public Vote



Last year when I talked to Town Manager Fred Carpenter about the Payson Event Center, he told me a few things needed to be ironed out and everything would appear in the paper.

The previous article said the property was owned by the town and they would be able to give very generous tax breaks, plus various other incentives to the businesses that would be established, and this would cost the taxpayers nothing.

  • It would seem that any time you allow anyone to use property below the taxable rate, then someone else has to make up the loss.
  • I have been under the impression that the taxpayers in the district owned the property. Please explain who, in town, is the owner?
  • Payson has been under restricted water usage for some time, but the town manager states that water would be no problem because they had set aside a large amount of water for this project. Does this mean that the project will not use town water, or do they have a secret place where the water is stored?
  • I would be concerned about the possibility of future lawsuits due to the generous giveaways to some of the future tenants.
  • I have never heard what the total cost to the people of the district would be if all finance and special exemptions, etc. were received.

I worked for many years as an auditor on construction projects for both the federal government and state of Arizona and have never seen any agreement written without an explanation of how various changes in the contract will be handled.

Who pays additional costs? No employee of the town, or member of the council, should accept any type of gift or other types of compensation. Taxpayers should not be required to pay for any out-of-town travel, since all work is to be done in Payson.

Any project costing the taxpayers this amount should be voted on by the taxpayers.

C. F. Reish, Payson

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