'Heart, Soul' Obvious



As a newcomer to Payson, going on some seven-plus years, I felt a need to respond to Noble Collins' letter to (the editor) on Tuesday, Aug. 2.

If Mr. Collins would heed a few suggestions, I'm sure he would discover Payson's "heart and soul." They are really quite obvious.

To start, I suggest a 6 a.m. breakfast at the Beeline Cafe. There he would not only meet the true movers and shakers of Payson, he would also enjoy one heck of a meal!

Next, he should go to the Roundup's office and pick up a copy of "The Best of Payson." He would then understand what is truly important to those of us who have called this home for more than a few months.

I also suggest he listen daily to KMOG's "Trades and Sales" for that program is the epitome of commerce in our fair little berg.

For broader-based information, I suggest a shopping spree to Bashas' where in the check-out line he could catch up on all the town info too spicy for the local media.

Evenings could be spent at a charity dance at the Mazatzal Casino, or a local Payson High School athletic event.

But to truly understand the pulse of Payson, I think Mr. Collins needs to talk at length with someone who has gone through the Dude and/or Rodeo-Chediski fires, or participated in a fund-raising event for someone who knows someone who has a child stricken with cancer. He would then understand the caring and compassion this community has for one another. He would understand that the "soul" of Payson lies not in a "vision" or bronze statue, but in the spirit of community that arises when a community is tested.

That we are unknown outside of ourselves is unimportant ... we know who we are.

Rick Ludwig, Payson

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