Landmark Owner Has Malodorous Meeting With Skunk



Christopher Creek has been known for its charming wildlife in the past, but this is one animal with which most people don't want to tangle. Kevin Mystrom owner of the Landmark was taking out a load of garbage the other night, looking up at the stars when he stepped on something squishy.

That something turned out to be a skunk and according to his mom, Sally Mystrom, she said it sprayed him with all it had. I guess he had to take off his clothes and shoes and go through the bar in his skivvies, which of course produced much hilarity among the patrons. Luckily it was about 10:30 p.m. and almost everyone was gone. He had to take the next day off because he could not get rid of the smell. Luckily he had Cal and Jeremy to work for him. A bath in tomato juice and some feminine hygiene products, and he was back to normal.

Sam Seay, liaison for the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department, wants residents to know a few things about the fuel reduction grant. He said that you can pick up some packets at the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Station No. 51 for participating in the fuel reduction grant. Also, the residential assessment does not mean that you are going to lose all your trees, it is a suggestion on how to improve your property over a period of time, and you can also discuss your concerns with the assessors.

He would also like to remind everyone that there is to be no trash in the trailer except forest materials. No processed lumber of any kind, no plastic bags or household trash. It seems some people are breaking the rules.

You must also have a 911 number posted on your property. That is the number issued by Gila County. The program is working and they would like for everyone to keep up the good work.

I can't believe the children are back in school. Summer really went fast. We all need to be careful when we see a school bus stop. Please slow down and make sure all the children have crossed before moving.

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