Once Again, The Guilt Trip



In your July 29 opinion article, I could not help but sense that, once again, those whooint to the continuing failuresithin the public education system want to put the primary cause on insufficient funding.

The growing home-schooling movement isust onexample that many young people can get an adequate education without all the extras that seem to be a "necessity" in the public system.any colleges and universities are openly seeking students that have been home schooled as they are collectively more successful in those institutions and require less individual attention.

As to the dropout rate in Payson, whatever happened to individual responsibility?

I guess since we've moved into the "it takes an entire village to raisene child" mentality, all these parents are let off the hook for the failure of their progeny to avail themselves of the opportunities available to them in America. If they fail, then it's everybody's fault except the dropouts'. It is the individual's responsibility to make the effort. I know, as I was one of those who "dropped out" as a teenager, but soon realized my mistake and quickly returned to correct my error in judgment. Even went on to college.

I can hear the response now. If we don't throw more money into education, it will cost us all much more later on when we have to deal with the social problems of the uneducated. This all sounds like a broken record that I have heard played ever since I became part of the source of funds (taxes) some 50 years ago. Living in Pine, I drive by the old Strawberry School often, and one must wonder how those who attended that facility ever managed to help build and contribute to this nation. But they did, and it makes the cries of today's "underprivileged" students sound a bitelfish, now doesn't it?

Bottom line. I refuse to be made to feel guilty about a situation that I have little, if any, direct responsibility for. Especially, when in the same issue of your paper, we were given the great news that our Gila Countyroperty taxes were going to increase, again. Starting to feel like a "cash cow" for all the bureaucrats that control our daily lives. Sorry. But I don't share your concern for the sad state of the public education system.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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